Join me behind the scenes of my current creative or homestead projects. I hope to share thoughts, inspiration and various things that bring me joy.

Hi, Iā€™m Tatiana. I’m an artist, crafter and aspiring novelist. Some of my interests include: travel, minimalism, spiritualism, philosophy, self-actualization, music, reading, hand sewing, knitting, historical clothing, homesteading and gardening. I am a queer cis-female who lives in Portland, Oregon with my spouse and our Siamese cat Vinnie.

I plan to get a post out at least every Monday but may find inspiration to post more than that. Sign up below to receive notifications about when I have a new post up. šŸ™‚

Thoughts: Authenticity and Vulnerability

I had an incredible conversation with a friend a couple weeks ago about wanting to be more vulnerable on social media and on this blog but fearing it at the same time. In my life and with my friends, I am completely authentic and vulnerable and know that I’ve surrounded myself with amazing people who […]

Handmade: Granny Squares

Although I don’t often crochet anymore as I prefer to knit most things, there are occasions where I pull out my crochet hooks and dig into a quick project such as a small basket or a cat bed. šŸ™‚ My dear friend contacted me last week and asked if I had ever made granny squares. […]

Poetry: Deepest Wound

I have been feeling some physical symptoms come up in my body the last few days which is not unusual surrounding the anniversary of my dad’s death. Tomorrow will be four years since his passing from stage four pancreatic cancer. My dad was one of the strongest people I knew and I felt like he […]

Thoughts: Creativity and Labels

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity and my purpose in life and how my creativity fits into that purpose. I’ve felt very stuck, almost paralyzed with the notion that I’m not doing anything of significance and that most of what brings me joy in my life does little to impact others and the […]


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